Southern Baptists initiate rebuild project in Montana

Last week Dan Stewart, Montana Disaster Relief coordinator, traveled to the Ft. Belknap reservation in Ft. Belknap, Mont. While there he was able to look at two of the many homes that had flood damage from this past spring. Some have damage from flooding of the last four years.

The photo below is from the master bedroom of Miss Irene Crasco's home. She is a 69-year-old widow who has been out of her home for the last three months.
Irene Crasco Master Bedroom 2Miss Irene's family worked to restore the home.They removed sheet rock, insulation and stripping. They sprayed mold with bleach and even painted with Kilz. But bleach does not necessarily kill mold, and it often comes back.The health department halted the work, stating it was not safe to continue.

Another family Dan visited was the Martins. Miss Magaret Martin is another widow, 71 years old. She and her husband built their house with their bare hands. Her living room has severe damage from high water that came through her home. (See photo below) 

At the time of Dan's visit, Miss Margaret was in the hospital with breathing problems. She is a pillar of the community in Hays, Mont.
Miss Martin Home

Dan wants Miss Margaret's home to be a number one priority, but she insists the volunteers work on someone else's home first. She now waits in the hospital. Please remember her in your prayers.

Homes like these need the touch of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief rebuild teams.These teams can go in and help families like the Crasco's and Martins who do not have insurance or resources to get their homes back to safe living conditions.

Southern Baptists are committed to mobilizing volunteers to assist and to bring help, healing and hope to the communities and residents.

Donations to support this ministry in Montana can be made on the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief donations website, namb.net/disaster-relief-donations. Southern Baptist volunteers are encouraged to contact their state disaster relief office to indicate availability to assist in this work.

Story contributions by Dan Stewart, Montana Disaster Relief Director